Up & Coming Events

We have a busy month ahead of us here at Techsafe Systems, as the countdown is on for both the Subsea Expo in Aberdeen and the Franco-British Offshore Wind & Tidal Event in Paris.

The Subsea Expo will be in Aberdeen between the 1st and 3rd of February. The Expo attracts over 5,000 delegates and around 150 exhibitors. It is the world’s largest subsea exhibition and conference.  The Expo also brings in visitors from over 38 countries and from several industries such as Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind and Defence, amongst others. The diversity of the event is one of the main reasons we enjoy attending it every year.

The Franco-British Offshore Wind & Tidal Event in Paris is also on the 2nd of February, which means our team will be far stretched and doing a lot of travelling over the course of a few days! The purpose of this event is to give an insight into the French and British renewables markets which are ultimately gateways to the larger European market.


Both events present an opportunity for like-minded people in the industry to come together and discuss issues which we all face in today’s market, deliberate over ideas, new technology and new solutions and ultimately standardise a way of working past any issues going into the future. The events will also allow us to meet potential customers and suppliers from across the globe and hopefully gain some specific knowledge as well as potential business opportunities.

We are looking forward to attending both of these amazing events in the very near future and hope to see you there too.