The future of Tech Safe Systems Ltd an Outreach Ltd company is bright, like the Graduates we employ.

Why do TSS offer graduate placements? Read on to find out why they believe Graduates are central to their success:

  • Strong Skills. Outreach Ltd seek graduates whose degree and skills are directly related to our industry. Although they may not know a lot about our business, the written, analytical and research skills they have acquired during their degree makes training and development a quick and productive progression.
  • Team of Graduates. In the past Outreach’s graduate programme focussed on one graduate at a time, whereas now we employ 2+ graduates simultaneously. By hiring two or more graduates, they can support for one another and bounce their ideas around, which we believe helps them and makes them more likely to succeed on their placement.
  • Fresh Ideas. Our graduate programme brings new perspectives to our business. We find our graduates to be refreshing, energising, bringing innovative ideas to the table. By integrating the graduate into established teams we have observed that it encourages team work, puts a new energy into the division and by sharing knowledge grows mutual respect for all team members.
  • Ambition. Although our graduates come to us with work experience gained during their studies, we still direct and mould them to provide a challenging career path our business. Allowing them to channel their skills effectively and, hopefully, ensuring they know a good company when they find one and they have life skills to produce a productive day’s work with the ambition to keep moving forward.
  • Good Investment. It may be perceived that graduates are a cheaper alternative to more experienced personnel. However, we see their potential plus they are more likely to work hard for promotion through their self-determination to succeed. We have watched our graduates grow with our company; our initial investment in them in turn invests in our company’s future.

Outreach Ltd. have employed Graduates for a number of years from Engineering backgrounds and recently a Marketing Graduate whereas for Tech Safe Systems Ltd. (Norfolk) this is the first time they have taken on an Engineering Graduate.

By embracing the enthusiasm of Graduates who have an appetite to learn; to be a team player and are as committed to the success of Outreach Ltd. companies as we are to them; the future is bright.