PALFINGER MARINE approached Outreach Ltd to feature in their very first newsletter. Read on to find out our thoughts on our unique partnership.


Since when has Outreach Ltd. been a partner of PALFINGER MARINE?
Outreach Ltd have collaborated with PALFINGER MARINE since the beginning of PALFINGER’s involvement in the marine industry, when PALFINGER expanded its marine portfolio with the acquisition of the marine and windmill crane business of Palfinger Systems GmbH.

How would you describe the development of PALFINGER MARINE in past years?
The last few years has been incredible. PALFINGER’s growth through the acquisition of Ned-Deck Marine, Ned-Deck subsidiary Fast RSQ, and the Bergen Group Dreggen has meant that we are now able to provide our customers with package offerings to suit all their requirements; from launch and recovery systems to boats to marine cranes of all sizes.

How do you describe the partnership between Outreach and PALFINGER MARINE?
Through our close relationship with PALFINGER MARINE, our feedback on product requirements and development has allowed both companies to find the best solution(s) for our customers’. It is our intention to continue and indeed to build upon this rewarding partnership.

What special project with PALFINGER MARINE stayed in your mind?
We are especially proud to have undertaken the following projects in collaboration with PALFINGER MARINE:

  1. Amec: The supply of 8 x PTM1700 units for a state-of-the-art floating jetty at Faslane, part of the HM Naval Base Clyde on the west coast of Scotland. This 200m long, 44,000t finger jetty provides six berths and support facilities to serve the navy for the next 50 years. The Royal Navy confirmed that the Valiant Jetty was a “modern world class facility attracting the attention of navies around the world, looking to utilise the technology for their own submarines.
  2. Sentinel Marine Ltd: A prestigious order to supply UKOOA compliant rescue equipment for four emergency response and rescue vessels (ERRVs). Thanks to Outreach Ltd and PALFINGER MARINE’s combined dedication to technical excellence and their continued customer service, these cutting edge rescue vessels ensure that Sentinel Marine’s fleet is amongst the youngest and most advanced, serving in the North Sea today.

How is the market situation in your country within the segments Oil and Gas, Offshore Vessels, Marine and Navy / Coast Guard? In which segments do you see a big potential in the future?
With the Oil & Gas, Offshore Vessel, Marine and Navy / Coast Guard industries the UK market situation has been unpredictable of late. There is no doubt that the Oil & Gas / Offshore Vessel industry is experiencing a very difficult time. After five years of sustained high prices, the sudden and unprecedented oil price tumble has caused a maelstrom within the industry as it contends with uncertainty and risk. Companies now have to heavily focus on the future to ensure financial and operational success – the UK industries are not alone in having to adapt to this situation.

Marine is quite good (although this may change, it very much depends on the world’s economy continuing to recover from the double dip recession) compared to the Navy / Coast Guard industry, the UK’s defence looks like it may take a big hit. The general election in May will be followed by a review of government spending, which is expected to see the military face new demands for budget cuts.

The main potential is still within Oil & Gas, Offshore Vessels and Marine markets for us and PALFINGER MARINE, but it may take time for confidence to return to the UK Oil & Gas industry. One of the major emerging sectors is the offshore renewable industry including wind and wave energy. The marine industry with its vast knowledge of platforms, design capabilities and boat building will be a key component and we are confident that with our combined partnership with PALFINGER MARINE we can provide a professional service to companies of all sizes – working with you for you.



Picture from left to right: Stuart Gilligan, Marine Field Sales Engineer, Ian Valentine, General Manager – Sales, Gary Potts, Managing Director: Sales & Marketing and Douglas Martin, Internal Marine Sales Engineer.